Top 4 Reasons to avoid Bundling your business services

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There are many services a business needs to survive and be successful. In our time none are more critical than the Internet.


 Many Internet Service Providers (ISP's,) these days offer a bundled internet/tv/phone service, but is it the right thing to do for your business? We think not, and we're going to show you why.

 Here are the Top Four Reasons you should avoid Bundling your business. 

1. Over-Subscription

2. No Contract

3. The "What If"

4. Unnecessary Service



1. Over-Subscription

over-subLarger ISPs throw a lot of money at Radio and TV advertising in an effort to increase the number of customers on their network. What they don't tell you is; how many others are sharing the resources you are quoted. Imagine if an airline did this. How strange would it be if you were boarding an airplane, and realized for every seat there were 2 or 3 people that were forced to share? At a minimum you would be frustrated. Could the plane have a safe and successful flight being overloaded 3 to 1 on each seat? If your ISP overloads customer resources at least 3 to 1 at each point of over subscription will your Internet “flight experience” be any better? Many ISP's have several points of over subscription and this is a central part of their business model. This means that while you are paying for a “High Speed” connection, the best that they can do for you is just their "best effort" to deliver that to you. How many times have you been doing something in peak internet hours (1-3pm) that seemingly takes forever to complete? Many times the culprit is Over Subscription.

 It is a sound business policy to keep separate relationships with multiple providers, to cut down on the risk factors we all face when dealing with a large/single source provider. There is no worse feeling for a business owner than being caught in the middle of a outage, and not have a solution. The cost savings are the “bait” and the single point of failure(best effort) is the “switch”.

Bundling is the modern day version of keeping all your eggs in the same basket.

2. No Contracts

no-contractWhat does a 'no contract' service mean to you? It means your provider has no real commitment to you. If you have a major problem, they will simply ask you if you want to cancel your service. Sure you are important to them as a customer, but truth be told it is cheaper for them to discount or cancel your service well before they spend the time and money to fix certain problems. Let’s say for example your provider had a major fiber line cut and your entire company is now sitting without phone and/or the internet. You call your provider, and are welcomed with a recording telling you they are aware of the outage and are working on it. If you are lucky enough to find a representative to help you, it comes down to costs for them. If they have to pay a crew to repair buried lines you may find yourself in one of the most devastating scenarios a business can be in. You might as well unplug your business from the world. How much time can your business sustain an extended outage for? The usual answer is not as long as it will take to get you restored. If you chose an ISP with a Service Level Agreement (SLA,) you are getting a commitment to you as their customer. If something goes wrong they will go above and beyond to get your service restored, and will not stop working until all issues are resolved. Why? Simple, SLA providers are committed to providing you with a service that is up to contract standards, and furthermore know that your connection is something you cannot live without. Things happen to every ISP, there will always be down time in this world, it’s what your provider does and what level of support they provide that can make or break your business.


3. What If?

what-ifIf your phone and internet provider is the same, what do you do if there is a service outage? What if there is a natural disaster that causes your provider to be down for an extended period of time? What do you do when one company is in control of your businesses ability to interact with the outside world? For many the idea of a bundle is a solid one, until something goes wrong. We don't have to illustrate the vast amounts of things that can go wrong for an ISP to demonstrate the seriousness of being without any of the primary utilities you use every day. What we are stressing is to never put all your eggs in one basket, especially if you have no control over that basket. There are no options for a backup provider regarding electricity, but we all know that the power company has a commitment to keeping their service running. Have you ever seen a big box ISP move that quickly to deploy repair crews immediately? It’s very uncommon. Protect your business from the What If's, by UN-bundling.


  4. Unnecessary Service

unnecessary-bundleFirst, we all know and agree that phone and internet are among the three most important factors of running a business. Aside from electricity these two are paramount to any business’ ability to interact with customers, and acquire new ones. One problem with bundling is that some of the companies that push bundles do so simply to offer you a Cable TV connection in the office. They will be happy to install cable so you can put it in your break room. The fact is, not many workers want to sit in the break room and watch TV, they would prefer an internet terminal or a chance to go outside of the facility while on break. These days, if there is some video content they want to see, they can do so at home or on their smart phone. Most companies that bundle to get a great price on their Internet and Phone Services take on Cable when they do not need it, or want it.  The question you have to ask yourself regarding TV service at your office is, Why do they want me to buy this?  The answer may surprise you.  Cable comanies have to pay huge licensing fees to the major networks/production studios for the right to air their shows.  Bundling this service for a business increases their TV usage and helps them afford the licensing fees.  So, when it seems you are getting a deal on Internet/Phone, if you add in the Cable/TV costs that many don't use you are actually paying higher in many cases.

If you would like to request more information on STLWimax services, or to find out how our network is different from traditional ISPs, please call us at 314-720-1000, and one of our reps will come by for a free site survey, and answer any questions you may have. 


Does your Business have a Backup plan?

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In today’s world, many moving parts are required to run a business. We have identified one major factor in the equation that many people overlook. What role does the internet play as a part of your backup plan?

backup isp redundancy

We've all been there; the power goes out at the office, forcing all production to come to a screeching halt. What do you do next? Many business owners almost immediately rush out to purchase a backup power generator. Power outages cost businesses a lot of time and money every year, so naturally we purchase a lot of backup generators. Having the ability to kick on a generator and get back to work offers a big sense of relief and allows the company to continue to produce...right?

What services and business functions are being powered by your generator(s)...perhaps Internet Access? What if your Internet Service Provider is affected by the same outage?

In our fast paced, internet driven world, if your business has a power generator, and not a backup ISP (Internet Service Provider), you could incur some expensive business loss. Each year over $25 Billion (yes, with a B) is lost during corporate ISP downtime.

Can your business sustain an extended outage without access to the internet?


The answer is No for many, and our dependence on the Internet is only growing. How would you get your new orders? What about customer emails? There are so many facets to business that require connectivity. Internet service has become such a high priority that almost every company is doing business online. Unfortunately, there are not many that have a backup Internet provider.

There are many stories of construction accidents, severe storms, or other natural disasters that cause internet service outages. Fortunately, internet access is not like other utilities where you have no options for backup providers. Let’s take our city for example. In Saint Louis, we sit on the New Madrid fault line. In a worst-case scenario what would happen if a big quake hit us? Would traditional ISP’s be able to offer service? It’s safe to say that there would be severe damage to the infrastructure. A seismic event in the Midwest would result in extended outages for many customers of ISP’s that require access to their underground grid.

The questions remain: Do you have a backup plan to keep your company online? How will you handle an extended outage?

STLWimax (a Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider) has reliable, cost effective solutions. Fixed wireless internet providers work differently than traditional ISP’s. Our infrastructure is running above you right now. As you read this, millions of bits of data are flowing through the air. More importantly, this traffic is not susceptible to construction accidents, natural disasters, or similar outages. Our technology can be deployed and setup at minimal service levels, and when you need to increase usage to match demand, we can crank up the speed.

We urge all of our customers to put a backup plan in place that addresses power and the mission critical applications being powered. Internet Access will most likely be the highest priority utility that almost all businesses cannot live without.

To request more information on insuring your business with a Redundant ISP call us at 720-1000.