Is your Business in a traditional ISP dead zone?

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     To many, the fact that there are ISP dead zones in major cities such as St. Louis comes as a major surprise. This is something your building manager knows, but does not want to tell you prior to you signing the lease. It may be the reason the previous tenant sought a new place to run their business. It's an unfortunate discovery, but luckily there is new technology that solves this problem.

     Traditional ISP's rely on miles and miles of copper or fiber lines to be installed all around the city. This timely and expensive process equates to higher monthly rates and at times lengthly delays waiting for construction crews to finish installing to offer you a connection. Today, there is a new option with high speed fiber, but that comes with an incredible investment for a business to shoulder. What if you were in a dead zone, and the only option was to install a fiber line to your building? Could your business shoulder a $5-10,000 investment just to get the connection to you? Not many Small to Medium sized business' can afford the luxury of fiber, yet at the same time being connected to the internet is critical for the day-to-day operation of their business.

     STLWimax is a new solution to this problem. We are not a traditional internet provider, in that we do not rely on underground infrastructure. Our technology is above you, as we speak. Wireless internet service is an ever growing industry. We are proud that we solve a big problem traditional ISP's create for themselves. We can offer service to anyone who is in a building that has line of sight to our network. Many customers stuck in these dead zones are left with very few choices for internet service. You may be forced to use a DSL service, or even T1 line which neither offer the speeds many have become accustomed to in 2013. Fortunately, there is a new choice, one that can speed up your productivity to previously unseen levels. Fixed Wireless broadband is cheaper to install, easier to manage than a wired network, and has far less risk factors which cause downtime.

     For more information, and to determine if you are in our coverage area Call us now at 314-720-1000 for a free site survey. This survey will tell us what speeds you can expect to recieve from us, giving you a new clear choice for your business internet needs.

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